About Ms. Fitz

Tara Fitzgerald, 3-D Areola tattoo and permanent make-up artist, owns and operates Ms. Fitz Beauty Bar. She is an avid beauty guru with a true passion for makeup. She is licensed by the Daviess County Health Department, which ensures that she maintains the highest standards of hygiene, sanitation, and sterilization when doing permanent cosmetic procedures. Tara has always had a passion for makeup. After receiving her cosmetology license from Paul Mitchell, Tara set out to build her business in the beauty industry. It was in her first year as a bridal makeup artist and stylist that Tara stumbled upon a microblading video on Instagram. I was mesmerized by how real the brow hair looked. I studied brows for months after that: their shape, how they fell and grew. I have always loved doing special effects makeup for Halloween; bringing objects to life with paint is so satisfying, and creating new brows, lips, and eyeliner is essentially the same, just a different tool. I knew permanent makeup would allow me to expand the artistic ability that God gave me and put it to good use by blessing others. Tara brought home to Owensboro the newest techniques in microblading and permanent makeup. Her business is located at 922 Triplett Street, Suite 2 in Owensboro, Kentucky.


After receiving her initial Microblading certification in 2017, Tara went on to expand and improve her permanent makeup skills at the world-renowned Beau Institute in Mt. Laurel, New Jersey. Beau is well known for its beautiful and transformative permanent makeup procedures, including microblading, permanent eyebrows, permanent eyeliner, permanent lip blushing, scar camouflage, and areola reconstruction for cancer survivors. She trained in eyeliner at Girlz Ink Studio in Las Vegas in 2019 and completed areola training with Ink Boutique in Houston in 2020. Tara completed in 2022 AreolaPro tattoo training with Kally (UK’s award-winning areola nipple tattooist).


Ms. Fitz