Most frequent questions and answers

If you show up the required 30 min before your appointment, you will experience little to no discomfort. The topical anesthetic requires the full 30 minutes to be effective, I will not use it if you do not arrive on time because it simply will not work.

It’s very important to read through each brow description and utilize the photo albums on the Facebook Page (Ms. Fitz Glitz and Glamour) to get an idea of which look you like best. If you are still unsure, book for Microblading and we will discuss all brow options at your appointment and choose the correct brow for you at that time. *Old tattoo cover ups may not book Microblading appointments, cover ups require a Combination Brow or Powder Brow.

If you wish to book an appointment with Ms. Fitz and have had previous permanent makeup by another artist, you must call the office at 270.231.8094 to schedule a consult.  At the consult, if approved for services, we will book with you a new service appointment.

Yes, if you are booking same day multiple procedures, please book back to back appointments for each appointment.

Lash extensions MUST BE REMOVED at least 72 hours before your appointment and kept off during the healing process (this includes your follow up appointment.

Online bookings by card only, in office payments also include cash, or check.

Pregnant and/or nursing mothers are not good candidates for cosmetic tattooing for several reasons. I will no longer accept either, even with consent from your physician.

Absolutely not, we will take all the hair we can get and be thankful for it.

You have the ability to cancel or reschedule your appointment through the confirmation email you received when you booked. (please see cancellation policy.) What you see available online is all that I have open. Please do not message me for other dates, I make everything I have available to you all online.

The perfecting session is scheduled with you, after your new service appointment.  Reschedule (must be seven days prior to the scheduled appointment) by notifying Ms. Fitz Beauty either by phone to 270.231.8094 or by email to Msfitzbeauty@gmail.com, we will then coordinate with you for a new day/time.

Ms. Fitz